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MFG Center welcomes you to the future of machine shop searching. We are the manufacturing industry’s source to connecting machine shop vendors with their customers. Our machine shop directory provides you quick and easy access to locating the type of manufacturer you need when and where you need them. From years of experience with unsuccessful searches for machine shop vendors, we understand how time consuming the search can be, which is why we created MFG Center. Buyers, engineers, and individuals no longer need to waste time and money finding the exact vendor they need for their next manufacturing project. We want you to have the best experience possible; therefore, we review and verify each vendor’s information before publishing their listing to be sure they provide the manufacturing products and services you need for your project.

Our machine shop directory is your source to finding the machine shop vendor your project needs within the manufacturing industry. Many of our vendors provide products and services in the manufacturing industries of machining, fabrication, cutting, sheet metal, precision grinding and automotive. You can now do your job much faster with no hassles. We will quickly connect you to machine shops, automotive shops, sheet metal supply vendors and much more. Stop wasting project time and money; find the vendor you need by searching here with our machine shop directory.

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       Machine Shops for CNC Milling, CNC Turning, Gear Cutting, and Tools & Dies Machine Shops for Tube Bending & Welding Machine Shops for Laser, Waterjet, Torch, Plasma, and Saw Cutting
       Sheet Metal Machine Shops for CNC Punching, Forming, and Stamping Suppliers For Raw Materials Machine Shops For Centerless Grinding, Honing, Lapping, and Surface Grinding
       Automotive Machine Shops for Engine Machining and Powertrain Building